Sometimes you make a game out of Charlie Brown and roller coasters, throwing in a little Temple Run for good measure, and it’s brilliant.


I have a new obsession, and I got it for peanuts.

Introducing Snoopy Coaster, ladies and gentlemen.  It is exactly what it sounds like:  Snoopy.  On a roller coaster.  In a game.  
In all fairness, the other Peanuts characters are there, too.  But I mean, the thing is named after the guy, so we have to give him props.


The Premise:

Through some untold (and therefore unimportant) backstory, the Peanuts gang is discovered seated on a roller coaster in some Coney Island-esque theme park.  The track, however, is endless, and the Peanuts gang must collect coins along the way because…well, just because.  (Not much in the way of plot in this game, friends.)

This is yet another in the long line of Temple Run-based games that utilize an endless, randomizing course whereupon you collect things that affect the game as you go:

Joe Cool’s sunglasses provide invulnerability.
Linus’ blanket acts as an object magnet.
The Flying Ace’s helmet gives you a jet-pack boost to sail above the track and its many menacing dips and dives.

The coins are collected to purchase upgrades in the shop ala Temple Run or Subway Surfer or Pitfall or every single other game now:  Increased time for Invulnerability, a rocket to send you flying 1000m ahead, and some super-cool designs to pimp out your rickety roller coaster.


The game is side-scrolling, and the Games Gods have seen fit to give this roller coaster on which we find our beloved childhood characters the ability to jump.  Oh yes – a jumping roller coaster.  Sounds crazy, no?  But believe it you must, dear friends.  This roller coaster jumps.  And it’s a good thing, too – there are so many breaks in this track not to mention different levels of track going on at once, it’s incredible the IAAPA hasn’t yet shut this park down!

Perhaps it has evaded their grasp because every thousand meters, the track breaks through a mountain and enters a completely different world.  Yes – it’s a hopping, world-jumping coaster piloted by a dog and his ten-year-old human friends.  And, to make it even more difficult for the appropriate inspector to take a look at the ride, the worlds are randomized.  You never know if you’re going to go to the seaside, or the baseball field, or a snow-covered hill, or even Halloween night somewhere in the suburbs of Middle America.  And sometimes, you collect some mysterious item that transports you to a bonus level in space, or in a world made out of trees with huge, kite-munching teeth!

So, dear friends, since the ride is still operational and it looks like it shall remain so for awhile, it is up to us to guide the Peanuts gang to safety along this perilous path on which they have found themselves.  We can only hope that eventually, their warbling, muted-trombone parents appear, notice the horrible atrocities perpetrated against their children by the maniacal owners of this deathtrap, and put an end to the entire situation.  As there seems to be no end of the track in sight, however, it seems their fate rests solely in our hands. 


Have you played it yet???  What did you think????  Or is there something else on which I should have spent my last forty-eight hours of train riding time?


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