Sometimes you go MIA for a bit while you’re playing war.


Hello again, world!  So, it looks like it has been one day shy of an entire month since my last post.  Now, I did have a guest post in there (a big thank you to my lovely gal Becca for sharing her jury happenings) but as for my own words, it’s been awhile!

What have I been doing with this time, you might ask?  So much, dear readers, so much.

For those of you who are unaware, I serve in the Army National Guard, which takes me away for various bits of training here and there.  From August 3 – 20, I was at the frighteningly-named Warrior Leader Course, which is a school intended to make better leaders of those who are climbing the rank structure (i.e. – yours truly).  In said course, we sit in a classroom for two weeks taking tests on how to write a proper Army memorandum, how to conduct physical readiness training, how to march a squad of soldiers, how to present an oral brief, how to conduct small group training, and other terribly exciting subjects such as these.  Then, for two days, we go out into the woods with M-4s and fire a lot of blank rounds at people pretending to be bad guys as fake IEDs and mortar rounds blow up all around us while our instructors scream in our faces that half of our people just died because we took too long making a decision on how to attack the enemy.  Then we get a haircut and graduate.  Hooah.

Once back home, the proper apologies were made to the cat for leaving her fatherless for so long.  She was perturbed but appreciative.

Then the lady and I set off for a glorious five-day vacation in Connecticut!!  My next post will contain an abundance of abounding details of marvelous New England splendor.  Stay tuned!

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